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hotelLOBBY is an innovative members only online grassroots program providing AH&LA members with the tools to successfully accelerate their political involvement in Congress.  With hotelLOBBY, you can establish new relationships with your own elected lawmakers to ensure that your issues and your industry's programs are included in the national debate.     

E-mail Your Members of Congress Through hotelLOBBY

With hotelLOBBY, take immediate action on important legislative initiatives and actions through concise emails delivered instantly to your member of Congress to support lodging-friendly positions.  If you're not sure who your member of Congress is or what to write about an issue, the Website provides access to contact information and a form letter hitting all the important points.  You can also add your own thoughts to the pre-written letter to give some specific details about how the legislation will affect your own business. 

You will need to enter your AH&LA password to access the Website. If you've forgotten your password, email 

hotelLOBBY Resources

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Congressional Town Hall Meetings - There is no better way to engage with your member of Congress than by attending a congressional town hall meeting. Speak directly with your representative and educate them on the important issues facing the lodging industry.  AH&LA will notify members during each congressional district work period of opportunities to participate in your city or town.

Guide to Hosting "Heart of the House" Hotel Tours - Visits by legislators to your property are a very effective way for you to build relationships with your representatives in Washington, D.C. “Heart of the House" hotel tours  illustrate firsthand how hotel processes relate to legislative issues, and they are an excellent tool for grassroots advocacy.

Sign Up  - Sign up via the link to receive hotelLOBBY advisories and alerts. You will receive timely advocacy e-mail updates on issues important to the hotel and lodging industry. 

hotelLOBBY Response Form - If you have a relationship with your Senator or Congressman – whether it is from the board room or the golf course – AH&LA wants to hear from you. Fill out the attached hotelLOBBY Response Form, and learn how a personal contact can be put to work for you. 

hotelLOBBY Grassroots Handbook - This handbook offers insights on the many ways to get involved in the legislative process, advice on writing effective correspondence and conduct meetings, introductory material on the legislative process in Congress, and ideas to help further your business and the lodging industry via political action.  Paper copies also are available by contacting AH&LA's Grassroots Office at (202) 289-3120. 

Need More Information?

Contact the AH&LA grassroots office at (202) 289-3120 or by email at for more information about how you can become involved in hotelLOBBY and make your voice heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill.