Action and Prevention of H1N1 Flu in Hotels

Crafting a plan for a flu pandemic is critical to any hotel's emergency preparedness efforts, and now is the time to develop those plans--before any crisis reaches its most critical levels. The links below can help you with your planning and preparation.  Remember that information is key to minimizing the risk of infection, so take a few minutes to look around this Webpage and read the many information resources available to today's hotel professional.

H1N1 Influenza Management in Hotels, Fall 2009 - AH&LA's manual for hoteliers to use when developing their H1N1 flu plans for their guests, employees, and business operations. 

2009 H1N1 flu event
AH&LA statement on swine influenza - AH&LA is urging the U.S. lodging industry to maintain a high standard of sanitation during this crisis. (April 30, 2009) - The U.S. government's one-stop Website about H1N1 flu and citizen precautions, outlines the U.S. government's influenza vaccine plans, and includes valuable planning resources for businesses. - Center for Disease Control Website on the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak, including state infection informaiton and treatments available to the public
Swine Flu and You - CDC question-and-answer page on the basics of H1N1 flu, its treatment, and prevention.
Traveler's Questions - A FAQ from for travelers visting countries where H1N1 flu is known to exist.
Travel Warnings and Alerts - The U.S. Department of State's H1N1 traveler's advisory Webpage.
It's Not Flu as Usual: An H1N1 Business Preparedness Guide - The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's 2009 H1N1 flu preparation guide for businesses

H1N1 prevention steps and sanitation procedures from Ecolab, an AH&LA allied member
Prevention and in-house practices - This Webpage also contains material from the Sept. 29 H1N1 101 Webinar.

Government information resources for businesses about H1N1 flu outbreaks
NEW!  Preparing for the Flu: A Communication Toolkit for Businesses and Employers -'s first-stop communications guide for employers, including template emails to inform employees about H1N1 risks, posters, employee communications, and health guidelines.
NEW!  Planning for H1N1 Influenza: A Preparedness Guide for Small Businesses - A guide from specifically written to address the needs of small businesses during the fall 2009 flu pandemic.
Employer and Employee Guidance (in Spanish/Espanol) - This Webpage has a large number of H1N1 flu resources for your Spanish-speaking lodging employees.
Workplace Planning (from - Businesses will play a key role in protecting employees' health and safety as well as limiting the negative impact to the economy and society. This page can help travel businesses plan for pandemic influenza.
Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to the 2009-10 Influenza Season -'s planning guide for businesses and their employees to decrease the spread of H1N1 flu.
Preparing Workplaces for an Influenza Pandemic - This OSHA booklet describes how to maintain business operations during a flu pandemic outbreak.
Proposed Guidance on Stockpiling of Respirators and Facemasks in Occupational Settings -  Employers can read this Webpage to find out more information about equipment needed during a serious flu outbreak.
CDC/HHS Business Pandemic Planning Checklist - A simple checklist for businesses to use when planning their operations during a flu pandemic.
Workplace Questions about Pandemic Flu - This government Webpage answers common questions about policies and law when confronting pandemic flu in the workplace, such as leave policies, workplace rules, return to work, and other employment topics.

National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza - The U.S. government's central and current plan for controlling pandemic influenza outbreaks.
State Pandemic Plans - All 50 U.S. states have pandemic plans, online via this central Webpage.
State Contacts for Public Health, Agriculture and Wildlife Agencies  - Contacts in each U.S. state for public health officials.
HHS Pandemic Planning Update - Health and Human Services Department plans for possible pandemics.

Crisis Communications Resources
Risk Communications Resources -'s online communications resources on H1N1 and avian flu.
AH&LA Member Speaking Points for Influenza - This Webpage gives hoteliers guidance on what to say to guests and the media about the H1N1 flu outbreak (May 3, Members Only)